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Mark Twain, American writer

English for children

Курси англійської для дітей, Житомир - My English school

For different age groups, we offer a different approach to learning. We are working to optimize the learning process ...

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English for teenages

Курси англійської для підлітків, Житомир - My English school

Lessons for teenagers can get new knowledge and deepen existing ones, which are essential to school and prepare for the exam ...

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English for adults

Курси англійської для дорослих, Житомир - My English school

Effective combination of modern techniques will help you to learn a foreign language, which is an important aspect of modern life ...

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English to Skype

Курси англійської по скайпу, Житомир - My English school

This type of class is suitable for people with a very busy schedule, as well as for those who can not personally attend individual lessons ...

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